Yesterday evening we learned that Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and one of the most inspiring innovators of our time, had lost his battle with cancer at age 56. Perhaps appropriately so, devices he created were often the channels through which news of his passing flooded social networks, text messages, and email inboxes. The Case Foundation has made supporting innovative and disruptive technology a priority, as well as the impact it has on citizen engagement and philanthropy. Steve Jobs was a trailblazer in his field, and whether you are an iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Mac user – or not – one thing is for certain: his imagination and passion for technology has changed all of our lives, in some way or another. And, whether it’s a voiceless child with autism able to communicate through an iPad or a group of disenfranchised citizens able to amplify their voices and mobilize action through an iPhone, Steve’s genius has sparked social innovations with revolutionary impact. To honor Jobs’ achievements and contributions to society, we’ve collected reflections from some Foundation team members, including Jean and Steve Case.

“Thank you, Steve Jobs, for all the ways you shared your genius. You were a true dreamer, innovator, entrepreneur, and the impact you made on this world will be felt for generations. You will certainly be missed.” – Jean Case

“Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovators of our generation and truly changed the world. Steve’s legacy is not just about the iconic, innovative products Apple has come to represent but his legacy is also about the idea of American entrepreneurs building great companies that can change the world. He embodied the unique entrepreneurial spirit that makes America great, and his legacy will live on for generations.” – Steve Case

“Since I’ve been glued to my iPhone today, it’s impossible not to clearly see how Steve Jobs has impacted my life. He not only had incredible vision but understood that the best marketing comes from delivering great products and experiences.” – Allyson B.

“I remember my first Apple experience on Apple IIs in middle school playing Lemonade Stand and Oregon Trail, then just two years ago switching from Blackberry and becoming a full blown iPhone addict. Steve Jobs’ genius shows up in my life everyday and has changed the game – and raised for the bar – for how we connect, engage and entertain all around the world.” – Michael S.

“From his persona to his products, Steve Jobs inspired me in countless ways. Thank you to Steve Jobs for dreaming what the future could be and daring to make it a reality.” – Emily Y.

“Steve Jobs was a true innovator and dreamer. But unlike many of us, he never gave up on his dream, and because of that he is a true inspiration to me.” – Samantha N.

“Steve’s death reminds me of two truths: 1) Design matters and 2) Cancer sucks. Thanks for putting a ding in the universe, Steve.” – Chris F.

“Steve Jobs was an incredible innovator, thinker and above all a dreamer. He will be sorely missed but his work will be felt for many more generations to come.” – Amanda L.

“It’s amazing what an impact Steve Jobs’ creations have had on our lives, from the functionality, to the design, and in the way that it’s become a lifestyle choice instead of just a fun tool. Steve Jobs’ commitment to his products and his customers is an example for all entrepreneurs. It wasn’t just about making money – it became about YOU, the user, in a way that had never been done before.” –Jenna S.

“Steve Jobs was a creator who turned his visions into reality, and in doing so, he changed the world. Lesson learned; chase your dreams no matter what.” – Stacey W.

“At some level, the work of Steve Jobs has touched every person in the United States. Soon enough his work will have touched every person in the world.” – Will G.

“Steve Jobs and his company’s approach to innovation and technology have played an important role in how we think, communicate, create and share information today and in the future.” – Stephanie V.

“The first time I ever touched a computer was just about 20 years ago – it was an Apple. My family today is a Mac family, with devices that allow me to wave hello at my two little girls on a tricycle adventure while I’m away at work, and enable my husband to run his business. Mr. Jobs was an incredible man who did indeed put a ‘dent in the universe’. His creativity, diligence, and passion not only produced fabulous products but perhaps more importantly opportunity for an increasingly broader scope of people.” – Louise S.

“Apple’s innovation has affected the way I do so many things in my life. Steve Jobs leaves behind an incredible legacy and one that has impacted many of us on a very personal level.” – Molly P.

“Steve jobs was not just an innovator within the computer industry, he was one of the industry’s creators. His accomplishments did not just shape lives; they shaped the history of the world.” – Josh T.

“Believe it or not, I am still on my original iPod, which I bought to replace a Discman. It’s just stunning how a strong vision can, overnight, change your perception of the technology you can’t live without.” – Kate A.

“Steve Jobs always thought outside the box. He could always ‘Think Different’ and encouraged us to do the same. He will be greatly missed but the impact he made will never fade. ‘Here’s to the crazy ones.’” – Erich B.

“Thank you, Steve Jobs, for your amazingly high standards, genius vision and absolute passion for design. A few short words won’t describe the impact you’ve had on all of us – so I’ll just say thank you for transforming our world … for generations to come.” – Brian S.