We went, we saw, we conquered. SXSW 2014 Interactive is now officially closed, but there is still much to be done—from cementing new partnerships, and applying what we have learned, to sharing new ideas with our colleagues. Here is a brief recap of things that caught our attention when it came to social good at SXSW.

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Social Good Was Everywhere

This year’s SXSW tracks integrated the Beacon Lounge, the official changemaker area in the convention center; Social Good Hubs, where anyone interested in the social sector could network and meet; and dynamic programming that shed a light on disruptive ideas for good. The growing momentum around the social good sector left us wondering how might we maximize that collective presence and empower those looking to do good beyond SXSW?

Tech Trends to Watch

Everywhere you turned at SXSW there was someone with a piece of wearable/sensor technology… from Jawbones to Google Glasses, everyone was talking about and/or wearing technology. Let’s see if we can work together to harness the potential of wearables and sensors for social good for next year!

Check out what some tech execs had to say about the future of wearable tech.

“Philanthroteens” the Phenomenon

Beth Kanter spoke with +SocialGood about the power teens and the next generation have in shaping the future of philanthropy. How will these digital natives impact nonprofit engagement – watch and find out!

Quote to Remember

“When it comes to trying to create change, don’t just think outside of the box, think like there is NO box.” – Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation.

During her interview with Ahmed Shihab-Eldin from Huffington Post Live on fearless social change, Jean engaged the audience through inspiring stories and challenged them to take risks, be bold and fail forward.

Water for People and TOMS Partnership

Water For People and TOMS announced an exciting strategic partnership to provide safe drinking water in developing countries. TOMS will now offer, in addition to its One for One shoes and sight ventures, premium coffee using the same one for one model. With an estimated 1.8 billion people living without access to safe drinking water, this partnership will help to support sustainable water systems that are locally run, built, and maintained to last for generations. Learn more.

Entrepreneurship in America: The Rest is Rising

Our chairman, Steve Case talked with Emily Chang of Bloomberg TV about the future of entrepreneurship—from America’s beginnings as an entrepreneurial nation and the regionalization of entrepreneurship to talent wars and who will be left standing when it comes to tomorrow’s tech leaders.

Check out this illustrated summary of their conversation.

Reddit: You’re Doing it Wrong

Presenters, Garrett Tillman and Rohit Thawani shared their tips, tricks and secrets to tapping into one of the most influential communities in the world to market a brand, band or cause. Their use of a subreddit as their presentation was the perfect way to engage the audience.

Check out their presentation and examples of what works and what doesn’t work.

The Case Foundation team was saddened to learn about the tragedy that took place yesterday at SXSW. We send our condolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives.