Merge supermodels, scientists, social innovators and Spanish culinary masters in one room and you have a recipe for success. Now, put these talented individuals with inspirational stories on stage at the 2013 TEDxMidAtlantic conference and you have more than 800 captivated attendees. Sponsored by the Case Foundation and PBS, TEDxMidAtlantic gave attendees insights on innovative solutions to societal problems and drove us to think about our world through the framework of this year’s theme—Start Now.

Highlights from the two-day event included: Sam Berns, a 17 year old diagnosed with Progeria, a rare genetic disease for which there is no cure that presents symptoms resembling premature aging; General Stanley McChrystal, a four-star general who emphasized the importance of face-to-face connectivity in a world with countless social tools; and Shiza Shahid, co-founder and director of the Malala Fund who showed us the power that fearlessness, determination and peace can make in the world.

Inspired by the 50 speakers who took the stage, the Case Foundation and its staff curated a collection of our favorite tweets, quotes and sayings from the event that challenged us to innovate and share ideas that can change the world. Tell us on Twitter (@casefoundation) how you plan to #StartNow!

TEDx (@TEDx) on Bayeté Ross Smith
“We’re all media makers. We all have the responsibility to create things that challenge us to evolve our thinking.” @BayeteKenan#TEDxMid

Doug Donovan (@DougDonovan) on Rep. Jim McGovern
@TEDx: “Nothing changes in this world unless good people come together to fight for it.” – Congressman Jim McGovern#TEDxMid @Philanthropy

Sarah Koch (@sarahtkoch) on Chef José Andrés
“The act of introducing clean cook stoves can spark an entire economy.” @chefjoseandres #TEDxMid

Oceana (@Oceana) on Jackie Savitz
“Biodiversity is not at odds with abundance; in fact, they’re aligned.” — Oceana’s @JackieSavitz at #TEDxMid:

The Case Foundation (@CaseFoundation) on Ben Miller
“What will you build [in your neighborhood]? 10 years from now people will build their own cities” @BenMillerise @fundrise#TEDxMid

Rita Pasi ‏(@ritapasi15h) on Chef José Andrés
“People of the world do not want your pity. They want your respect.” – Chef Jose Andres at #TedxMid

Brooke James (@BrookeLJames) on Angel Gil-Ordóñez + Post-Classical Ensemble
“We seek impact. That means engaging the audience in every possible way.” – Angel Gil-Ordóñez @postclassical #TEDxMid

Michael D. Smith (@msmithDC) on Liz Ogbu
“I’m an architect that doesn’t design buildings. I design opportunities for impact.” @LizOgbu #tedxmid

Brooke James (@BrookeLJames) on Jon Jarvis
“Nature is no longer natural because of climate change.” – Jon Jarvis of @NatlParkService #tedxmid

TEDx (@TEDx) on Jen Oxley
“Math is not just for boys or people who are born with innate math skills.” – Jen Oxley on teaching girls to love math #TEDxMid

TEDxMidAtlantic (@TEDxMidAtlantic) on Lale Labuko
@LabukoLale is speaking now at #TEDxMid. “We owe our generation love and care. We have to say, “This is bad” and change it.”

Elyse Greenberg (@elyseindc) on Henry Evans
“Your disability doesn’t make you any less of a person, and neither does mine.” – Henry Evans #TEDxMid

Allie Burns ‏(@AllieB) on Angel Gil-Ordóñez + Post-Classical Ensemble
Haunting, beautiful performance by @postclassical at #tedxmid

Jade Floyd (‏@DcThisWeek) on the Beat Making Lab
“What happens when you merge the works of art and activism? #Artivism @durhamite @applejuicekid @BeatMakingLab@TEDxMidAtlantic

NatGeo Explorers ‏(@NatGeoExplorers) on Labuko Lale
“We must speak out to make change” #Explorer @LabukoLale at #TEDxMid on ending child killings in Ethiopian tribes

The Case Foundation (@CaseFoundation) on Michael Smith
@msmithDC says “Don’t donate another dollar until you know the impact…Invest in results and research and development.”#TEDxMid

Dee Snow ‏(@DeexScience27) on Jen Oxley
“Know what you’re good at and go for it.” Filmmaker Jen Oxley #TEDxMid

Didn’t have the opportunity to attend TEDxMidAtlantic? Watch a replay of the livestream at