“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb

Partnership, collective impact, shared value—no matter what you call it, collaboration is the key to reaching beyond your bubble, overcoming fear, and creating new possibilities. At TEDxMidAtlantic in October of 2012, more than 40 speakers from around the country came together to talk about what being fearless meant to them. They admitted that it can be scary to break away from the established path and start a new journey. It might feel like you have to rely on yourself (and no one else!) to achieve your dreams.

But speakers like Kakenya Ntaiya, Barbara van Dahlen, and Jessica Ladd told us that this isn’t true. Reaching beyond your bubble spreads knowledge and deepens impact. Watch the videos below and share them with people you know who are reaching beyond their bubble.

Kakenya Ntaiya (recently named a CNN Hero) reminds us that it’s okay to ask for help and when you accomplish your goals, you can change an entire community. Kakenya was the first girl in her small village in Kenya to attend college in the United States. Her entire village came together to help her take that leap, and today, her dream is to return home and give back.

Barbara van Dahlen, psychologist and founder of Give an Hour, further adds that being fearless can come from a sense of duty, like soldiers who fight because they believe in a shared mission of protecting their country. In the aftermath of military service, PTSD is a pervasive problem, and cultivating relationships with friends and family is pivotal for overcoming its challenges.

Jessica Ladd points out that the spread of sexually transmitted diseases can be eradicated when people are honest with each other. Jessica created a website to help individuals communicate with their previous sexual partners without dread or embarrassment. By tackling our fears one person at a time, entire communities can benefit.

Are you ready to be fearless? Take a pledge to reach beyond your bubble, collaborate with others, and start something new. To learn more about the amazing speakers at TEDxMidAtlantic Be Fearless, watch all of the presentations here.