It’s an exciting day at the Case Foundation! Today Simon & Schuster announced the upcoming publication of Be Fearless: Five Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose, a book I’ve written to inform and inspire everyone who wants to a make a difference in their work, their community and in their lives. The book will be released January 8, 2019 and available for presale today.

It wasn’t long ago that we at the Case Foundation engaged a team of experts to determine the “secret sauce” that propelled those rare individuals, organizations, and movements to breakthrough and achieve extraordinary impact. What we discovered would become known as the Be Fearless principles—five principles that are consistently present when transformational breakthroughs take place—across sectors and across the world. With a mix of storytelling and strategy, practical tips and lessons, this book makes clear that fearlessness is not the lack of fear, but rather the strength and courage to overcome it.

When we first introduced the research, we engaged hundreds of partners to help us spread the word, including many of you, and we have remained committed to encouraging changemakers everywhere to Be Fearless in their endeavors to make the world a better place. Since the founding of the Case Foundation, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with thousands of individuals and organizations across the world who are making big bets, taking risks, applying lessons of failure, building unlikely partnerships, and letting urgency conquer fear. The people and stories I have witnessed have greatly inspired our work, and now I am excited to share some of them with the world. In addition, this book reaches back to other stories from leaders and changemakers over the last hundred years that demonstrate the power of the Be Fearless principles at work. This book even includes your stories! Through Finding Fearless, people across the world wrote in and shared their stories of fearlessness, both their own and the stories they admire. You’ll find some of their stories throughout the chapters. It is truly my hope that you’ll find inspiration as you learn about ordinary people who ended up doing extraordinary things.

Be Fearless is deeply personal for me too. In it, I share my own Be Fearless journey—highlighting those moments that have transformed my life and my work, including some of my own big bets, risks I took, and yes, my own failures.

We know many of you have worked hand-in-hand with us on Be Fearless before, and we hope that you will continue to embrace these principles and help spread the word to a larger audience—working alongside us to build a fearless movement of changemakers who will boldly work to change the world. If you’d like to work together with us in this mission, here’s how you can help:

  1. Pre-order your copy of Be Fearless today for yourself or someone you know;
  2. Identify ways to work Be Fearless into an upcoming event and reach out to so we can be of assistance with your planning;
  3. Help us spread the word about the Be Fearless message. Sign up to receive emails on how you can become part of our Be Fearless community, with updates and resources to keep you inspired.

It is with immense gratitude to our partners and larger Be Fearless community, as well as all of those whose stories have inspired us, that we bring this book to life in 2019. When we set out to share the Be Fearless principles in 2012, we could not have imagined the incredible outpouring of support and engagement in this work. We are grateful that you have taken this journey with us so far, and are excited to take this next step.

Together, we can change the world.

Be Fearless: Five Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose will hit shelves at a bookstore near you on January 8, 2019. In the meantime, learn more by visiting the book website, watching inspiring stories on our Be Fearless Facebook Show, or downloading resources on the Be Fearless Hub. All proceeds will be driven back into the Case Foundation’s core work: Investing in People and Ideas That Can Change the World.