Are You Ready to Change the World in 2015?

As we dive into 2015 it seems fitting to take a moment to reflect on the past year—to celebrate the big wins, learn from the losses and contemplate our collective impact on the people and communities in which we can all play a role. Last year, changemakers rallied together from around the world to make their own marks on the social sector—marks that left an indelible impression we call change. These actions inspired, challenged and drove countless people and organizations, including us, to make big bets, to take risks and to let urgency conquer fear.

In honor of 2014’s unique milestones and the organizations and groups that made them happen, we created a special video that highlights the big wins we achieved together and reminds us of the critical challenges that still remain in 2015.

We’re also celebrating the important work of the representative groups in this video by providing several of the featured organizations with awards totaling $25,000 to help them make an even greater impact in 2015.

For us here at the Case Foundation, 2014 will be remembered as a year of movement building through our advancement of impact investing; a year of action with the debut of a new Be Fearless Action Guide supporting the work of bold changemakers; and a year of learning as we forged new partnerships and explored new issue areas that impacted our work and that of the sector. Most importantly however, we will remember 2014 as a great year during which visionaries came together to help build a better world.

It is our hope that this video helps you reflect on your own impact in 2014 and inspires you to create the change you want to see in 2015 and beyond.