Spotlight on Social Enterprises: Sevamob

Here’s another exciting new social enterprise to start off your week! The Case Foundation and magazine, in partnership with ImpactAlpha, highlight Sevamob for this week’s Spotlight on Social Enterprises.

Sevamob targets the lack of adequate primary healthcare in poor, rural areas of India by providing low-cost health services to low- and lower-middle income individuals. Services are packaged in bundles that can include primary care, dental checkups, prescription medications and health insurance. Sevamob’s founder and CEO, Shelley Saxena’s tech roots are apparent, given the company’s modern, online appointment scheduling systems and comprehensive patient health data repository, designed to easily connect patients and healthcare providers. With their unique approach, Sevamob is already serving more than 7,000 individuals.

You can learn more about this enterprise that successfully channels the power of technology to bridge to health services gap while focusing on high growth at