The Be Fearless Journey: Share our Strength and the Levi Strauss Foundation

The need for making big bets is more important now than ever before. Now is the time to collaborate across sectors, develop meaningful initiatives with measurable outcomes and set bold targets. Yet the question remains—how can the social sector act fearlessly in order to maximize impact?

At the Case Foundation, we believe that the greatest progress is achieved when organizations are willing to make big bets, experiment often and fail forward. Share our Strength and the Levi Strauss Foundation epitomizes this bold spirit by embracing innovation at multiple intersections to realize the greatest change. They are also the focus of the Foundation’s SXSW Be Fearless Breakout on March 17, 2015. You are invited to join the Case Foundation with special guests: Tom Nelson, President of Share Our Strength; and Daniel Lee, Executive Director and Jason McBriarty, Director, Worldwide Community Affairs of the Levi Strauss Foundation for an exciting session designed to explore how organizations can take action to Be Fearless (RSVP required).

What Can You Expect?

Share our Strength embraced a new sense of urgency to tackle hunger in the United States with the specific goal of eradicating childhood hunger in our country. Similarly, the Levi Strauss Foundation spearheaded the Pioneers in Justice initiative, which emphasized the long-term goal of measuring grant impact rather than just short-term grant administration. Each organization challenged itself to take risks, be bold and fail forward, leading them both achieve the transformative impact they set out to make. Leaders from both organizations will share their greatest lessons learned, action steps they took and insights from their experience in this exclusive break out session at SXSW.

Hungry for More? 

  • Check out their stories of action in the Be Fearless Action Guide, available now!
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What Are You Waiting For? Start Your Be Fearless Journey Now

Ready to take the next step on your journey to being fearless? To help you on your way, the Case Foundation invites you to download the Be Fearless Action Guide—a set of special tools designed to help nonprofit and foundation leaders create more meaningful social change. It doesn’t matter if you are a program manager looking to change the way you evaluate projects, a board member who wants to help a nonprofit make a big bet or a grantee who wants to encourage a funder to experiment more often… the Action Guide is designed to be your roadmap.

Based on feedback from practitioners in the sector we have developed a unique framework that provides step-by-step actions and ideas for how you and your organization can take risks, be bold and fail forward. These are only the tip of the iceberg for ways to be fearless – use them to start a creative conversation about what is right for your organization. To complement the framework, we’ve assembled stories from five fearless organizations. Each case study highlights how the organization overcame challenges in a fearless way and ultimately fostered a transformative change. There are also discussion guide questions at the end of every case study that provide a take away for everyone—no matter what type of organization you represent.

The Be Fearless Action Guide includes:

  • The Be Fearless Framework
  • Global Health Corps Case Study
  • Jacobs Family Foundation Case Study
  • Levi Strauss Foundation Case Study
  • Salesforce Foundation Case Study (NEW)
  • Share Our Strength Case Study (NEW)

If you have already previewed some of the materials during our special sneak peek phase, be sure to check out the two NEW case studies released today spotlighting the Salesforce Foundation and Share Our Strength. Additional case studies featuring new challenges and solutions are currently in development and will be released this fall!

What are you waiting for? Check out the Action Guide today!