Case Foundation CEO at Techonomy Detroit

Techonomy returned to Detroit on September 17th bringing innovators, investors and philanthropists together for a day-long conversation on the role of technology and innovation in boosting American economic growth, job creation, and urban revival.

Our CEO, Jean Case, took the stage in a live interview with Jeff Green, Detroit Bureau Chief for Bloomberg News to explore how prizes and open competitions are being used not only to honor and recognize landmark achievements, but also to incentivize learning and motivate organizations and individuals to invent creative solutions for social change. Together, Jean and Jeff shared how prizes and challenges ignite and connect communities, spur innovation and democratize philanthropy. Watch the video online here.

Don’t miss Jean and Steve Case’s article for Techonomy celebrating the efforts of business and public sector leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, who are stepping in to spur social innovation and investments in the Motor City.